Project Runway’s Nick Verreos colors us over!

Nick Verreos from bib thailand on vimeo.

Watch our interview with Nick Verreos, the AWESOME celeb designer from Project Runway! He fabulously answered our questions on the colors of humble and how to OWN your look.

We caught up with him at the Project Ethos Love Sick fashion show in Hollywood. Nick even gave us a WAI (traditional Thai greeting) !!!! And you’ll never guess what Thai food Nick says is to die for.


2 Responses to “Project Runway’s Nick Verreos colors us over!”

  1. Victor says:

    I have watched this video quite a while ago. Very inriasatponil.The problem is that people just cant see themselves in such a situation. The message often dont arrive to them. “yes it’s nice but hes different” , “yeah hes strong but my situation is DIFFERENT” and so on.. Cindy recently posted..Memory getting better

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