Winemaking in Thailand. Yes, THAILAND!

Thai wine from bib thailand on vimeo.

Take a trip with the BIB team to Thailand’s Granmonte Vineyard, where lotus flowers meet viognier vines. Our friend, winemaker Nikki Lohitnavy, is making some remarkable wines here.

She’s producing chenin blancs, roses, shiraz’s and even cabernet sauvignons. Granmonte was recently featured on CNN.

Nikki’s stuff is genius in a bottle. Watch as we uncork her secret!

Nikki chill'n with a bottle of chenin blanc and her Sakuna rosé.

Nikki’s chenin blanc and Sakuna rosé wines have been big sellers- in fact, sold-out is a better description. (Luckily, we managed to get a case for our recent BIB runway show.)

But what’s coming next from Granmonte should really wow. You see, we did a little barrel tasting with her and…holey moley! The reds she has coming are a-mazing.

Who knew you could produce complex reds in a tropical country?

Check back with us periodically, as we keep tabs on Nikki’s progress. We’re planning an expert blind tasting of her wines in the U.S. very soon.

Here’s the CNN video:


3 Responses to “Winemaking in Thailand. Yes, THAILAND!”

  1. Winedog1 says:

    I’ve had the Sakuna rosé before and it’s good to see the winemaker getting the recognition she deserves. It is refreshing and different from other rosé I’ve tried. Crisp, clean, but not too sweet. The beauty of Granmonte rivals vineyards in Napa.

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