Helping Thailand, one footpath at a time

Footpath please posted by bib thailand on vimeo.

These girls hope to heat up the planet. But not the global warming kind. Samsuda and Arunee, young Chiang Mai International School students, are fired-up with their non-profit project, Footpath Please.

The girls are advocating walkable footpaths (sidewalks) in Thailand. The government of Thailand has been encouraging people to walk more, but the dangerous, unpedestrian-friendly streets of Thailand make it nearly impossible.

The pair is starting a grass-roots effort for change and are seeking any input you can offer. Please leave your suggestions for them in the comments section. Thank you!!!

They also started ‘Strong Will Seed,’ supporting a self-sufficient school lunch program in Chiang Mai.

Here’s a video Sam made about trekking it on a Thai footpath:

And, here’s our friends in Huntington Beach shouting out their support, Abbey Road style!

Thanks to the kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim! They gave their advice on how to improve footpaths. And we awarded them with 4 tickets to a recent L.A. Dodgers game. Here’s their thank you letter:


20 Responses to “Helping Thailand, one footpath at a time”

  1. Mike says:

    Sidewalks, stop signs or lights, and crosswalks are the responsibility of your local government. You must petition the office of public works and public safety to direct funds towards the construction of sidewalks and the addition of traffic signals and crosswalks. I would contact your local representatives and discuss the issue of pedestrian safety with them. Good luck!

  2. WineDog1 says:

    It’s nice to see young people who care so much about their environment. Thailand is fortunate to have such caring residents! Thank you for bring awareness to this important subject.

  3. Jon72 says:

    You could try something like the Sunday Streets program we have in San Francisco. It is part of the World Health Organization’s “1,000 Cities, 1,000 Lives” — a global effort to close urban streets to allow for greater exercise opportunities.

  4. Footpath Please says:

    We want to welcome commenters from the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim, CA. They are kindly offering their advice on how to improve Thailand’s footpaths. The top three answerers will win a trip to an L.A. Dodgers game. Good luck!

  5. Dessire C. says:

    I think everyone should walk more. We should also ride bikes. One way we can fix the streets is by making signs and telling the news and the president that we want better sidewalks.

  6. Kevin says:

    When you drive your car you waste a lot of gas, which costs money. You could encourage people to drive less by telling them that. The best way to get things out there is by using the internet. Use Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

    You can try doing parades. Or you can do a national walking day.

  7. Adrian says:

    I think we should sign a petition to the government with everyone you can find to sign it and you can also make a persuasive essay including important facts that you want to say to your government to convince them to make more footpaths.

  8. Mark Sanchez says:

    Hire crossing guards to help people cross the road and try to raise money to fix the footpaths.

  9. Dylan G. says:

    You can protest to your government. You can make them aware of all the dangers and future accidents of not having sidewalks.

  10. Brandon B says:

    I would try and raise money from people. Try a PayPal account and see if people will donate to try and fix the sidewalks.

  11. You can make your footpaths beautiful by putting flowers and grass. The footpaths wouldn’t look messed up and it may make you enjoy the scenery.

  12. You tell the government to build bridges so you will have some ware to walk and it wont disterve any body

  13. Yahsi simoah says:

    persuade other people to stop driving and to walk,get active it will let the government and other people know that they need foot paths.

  14. Convince the government that you need it sombody can get hurt and people are going to say that they need foot paths

  15. send a video to the government showing him what it is like to walk without any foot paths

  16. Jose Guzman says:

    spread the word to your friends and tell them to spread it people will start to hear about it

  17. luis Ozuna says:

    Tell other people to get active and to walk or jog what ever they prefer

  18. Footpath Please says:

    Hello Everybody!

    It is Samsuda here from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

    I have read all of the participants’ answers to our question of how to improve Thailand’s footpaths and I am really delighted and thankful that you guys care enough to participate!!! Even though Thailand is so far away from you.

    I am sad we cannot give prizes to every participants because I would like to do that!
    It was very hard to decide on who the winners should be!!!

    But after two hours we did it!

    The winners are:

    Paola Guerero

    And eventhough we don’t play baseball here in Thailand, and I haven’t been to a game! I hope you guys enjoy it!

    Thanks again for participating- and please still keep in touch because we will actually try to do what the winners suggested us!

    your friend,

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